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Seasons of the Mind

Here’s a quote that struck me, and perhaps you, if you too are battling with with the balance of work and life. Already a Quarter turn of the year and the ‘Great work’ (or even the lesser work) seems for me just a pinprick of light across the gulf of Space . But please bear what S.G. Vasudev has to say in mind the next time you feel Matter over Mind.

Time, as it is measured in the flow of ideas, in the tides of the imagination, or in the seasons of the mind seems to be free from tyranny. At a cursory glance so little seems to have changed; yet much has. There has been the slow, undulating motion of Artistic growth.


Ambassadors of Light « Zen Masonry

Ambassadors of Light

Once during medieval times, a division of soldiers was engaged in a mock battle and some of the officers found it necessary to make their headquarters in a masons’ lodge.

The Master of the lodge told his stewards: “Feed them, but only the same simple fare that we eat.”

Because they were accustomed to special treatment, this made the officers angry. One said to the stewards: “Who do you think we are? We are the king’s soldiers, willing to sacrifice our lives for our country. Why don’t you treat us accordingly?”

The Master answered sternly: “Who do you think we are? We are ambassadors of light, working to raise temples to the glory of God.”

Settle with the Dust…

The Tao is like an empty bowl,

yet it may be used

without ever needing to be filled.

It is the deep and unfathomable source

of the ten thousand things.

Blunt the sharpness.

Untie the knot.

Soften the glare.

Settle with the dust…


Tao Te Ching: Chapter 4

translated by Tolbert McCarroll (1982)

via Chapter 4 : Gender-Inclusive Tao Te Ching : Seal Scripts, Calligraphy, Commentary.

Fifth Way Mystery School?

We can “know” quite a bit about reality, modern science says, but we can never know “reality.” Absolute qualities, such as space and time, movement and rest, become fluid components of the same, ultimately receding Absolute.

Fifth Way Mystery School.

The only mystery is, why they need updating so often. Has Ouspenskies Fourth way become obsolete after only 100 odd years?

Again the site author says:

I reasoned if Mr. G [Gurdjieff] constituted the fourth way, then it would only follow that the next step would be the Fifth Way. 

Well if he can do it so can we! From today I found the 6th Way Mystery School. We will make waves – that’s a promise!

GOSPEL OF THOMAS – Hamadi Quotes

“If your leaders say, ‘Look, the Kingdom is in the Heavens,’ then the birds will be before you. If they say, ‘It is in the ocean,’ then the fish will be before you. But the Kingdom is inside of you and the Kingdom is outside of you. When you know yourself, then you will know that you are of the flesh of the living Father. But if you know yourself not, then you live in poverty and that poverty is you.”

via GOSPEL OF THOMAS HAG HAMMADI JESUS VALIS AEON contains offensive words and religous/philosophical material.


There’s more to the eye makeup that gave Queen Nefertiti and other ancient Egyptians royals those stupendous gazes and legendary beauty than meets the eye. Scientists in France are reporting that the alluring eye makeup also may have been used to help prevent or treat eye disease by doubling as an infection-fighter.

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The Impatient Caterpillar

Some say that if you help a caterpillar out of its case it would die because it’s the process of escaping the case that strengthens it for its struggle ahead…

…Being, the problem with handing out information is that future generations become dependent on others.

The information begins to become diluted and misunderstood … and very little evolution would occur; it would be like giving students the answer papers in exams…that would make them easier, but would the student bother to learn and understand?




via Most clear and modern books.