The Habits of Nature – Habits for Art

Thoughts  follow a similar progression to events in the real world,  they share the aim of transcending form (the things we can sense) and making a return to the immovable, Form (the things we feel).
Plato (a closet Mystic) introduces a new way of thinking about the things around us, and whilst most of us have heard of this guy and his crowning notion (the Form of the Good), this crucial idea seems to reach an ever dwindling audience, hence perhaps surprisingly, this is still a new notion in it’s more esoteric sense.
Putting this into perspective, please imagine the phone (about to ring?) in your pocket. How many of these things have you owned? The point in brief, is that although the allure of a new phone and it’s added functionality keeps us replacing these devices, the devices themselves still serve faithfully the purpose we originality got them for. The materials (metals,plastics)have not changed, the principle behind the device (communication)  has not changed either, but the bridge between the Form and the form  has. Communication is perhaps only slightly effective with phones, but as with Nature the Phone will improve.
As artists our role is to observe the Real, to mirror cyclical (hence habitual) changes of form in relation to Form in the sensory world. Like Nature we convert raw images/light and sensory experience into ideas/minerals  and then convert them back into something better . Is this not the point of all living things?
Thought finds rest in form but  not formation. The ability to improve, impress and imply is the perfect balance of purpose and the perpetuation of form in-vitro (the  internal).
Beyond the potential to inform; form becomes formation – perfect to the same degree that it it is kinetic.

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