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One of the most enlightening explanations of the term Body used in mystical writings;

The psyche turned toward externals and absorbed in its sense of being a discrete self is ‘used’ by the forces of the world in a manner that is not consonant with its stature as an ‘image’ of God. The psyche turned toward the Source and having experienced the dissolution of the sense of being a discrete self is employed by the Source in a manner commensurate with its stature.

The verb ‘to prostitute’, means: “to devote to corrupt or unworthy purposes; to debase; to use a thing in a manner contrary to its original intended use.”

Thus, Mary Magdalene, as we first encounter her in the Gospels is indicative of the former state of the psyche, whereas after her moment of metanoia—when she bathes the feet of Jesus and dries them with her hair—she becomes indicative of the latter psychic state.

The first state was her own doing (relying as it did upon self-will), while the latter state was not her own doing (relying as it did upon the tingeing power of the White Stone (the Other-power of the Divine Essence in the person of ‘Christ’).

The enlightened Christian Laywoman, Lilian Staveley, wrote well on this topic:


As the loving creature progresses, he will find himself ceasing to live in things, or thoughts of things or of persons, but his whole mind and heart will be concentrated upon the thought of God alone. Now Jesus, now the High Christ, now the Father, but never away from one of the aspects or personalities of God…


The Sufi Master Shah Waliullah of Delhi has also written of this:


It has repeatedly been observed that the self is forever craving the satisfaction of its base desires for such things as sensuality or superiority and dominance over one’s peers. However, at times the individual restrains his self and opposes it, with the result that a fierce conflict arises within him. At the same time a great deal of bitterness is experienced; but when the dust settles and the agitation ceases, a wonderful light descends from the spirit and envelopes the seeker both inwardly and outwardly. This is a rare alchemy, with which most people are not acquainted.


Rest assured you are not reading too much into a simple word.

via Body « al-kemi.


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