Fifth Way Mystery School?

We can “know” quite a bit about reality, modern science says, but we can never know “reality.” Absolute qualities, such as space and time, movement and rest, become fluid components of the same, ultimately receding Absolute.

Fifth Way Mystery School.

The only mystery is, why they need updating so often. Has Ouspenskies Fourth way become obsolete after only 100 odd years?

Again the site author says:

I reasoned if Mr. G [Gurdjieff] constituted the fourth way, then it would only follow that the next step would be the Fifth Way. 

Well if he can do it so can we! From today I found the 6th Way Mystery School. We will make waves – that’s a promise!


9 responses to “Fifth Way Mystery School?”

  1. otove says :

    hmm, well capillary waves atleast

  2. G.W.G. says :

    Well for One thing P.D. Ouspensky i am sure would like his name spelled correctly.

    Two with Names of people there is no need to change y to ie for plural or for ownership like “Ouspensky’s NOT Ouspenskies”

    Third it was the “Tertium Organum”: “The Third Canon of Thought, a Key to the Enigmas of the World.” As a Modern day continuation of Sir F. Bacon’s Nova Organum.

    The 4th Way was very much in reference to P.D. Ouspensky’s
    Theory on the 4th Dimension combining that with: “According to Gurdjieff, there is a Fourth Way which does not demand its followers to abandon the world. The work of self-development takes place right in the midst of ordinary life. Gurdjieff called his system a school of the Fourth Way where a person learns to work in harmony with his physical body, emotions and mind. Ouspensky picked up this idea and continued his own school along this line.” (Note Wikpedia “” )

    • otove says :

      thanks for correcting those glaring errors, i do appologise, for the rather simplistic approach to his rich and enlightened teachings, and have now abandoned this approach in informing others about authors i admire. Sincerely, Otove

  3. G.W.G. says :

    Further enumeration:

    (ed. Note: Novum Organum Scientiarum &Novum Organum – Liber Secundus
    Instauratio Magna
    Novum organum was actually published as part of a much larger work, Instauratio magna. Originally intending Instauratio magna to contain six parts (of which Novum organum constituted the second), Bacon did not come close to completing this series, as parts V and VI were never written at all. Novum organum, written in Latin and consisting of two books of aphorisms, was included in the volume that Bacon published in 1620; however, it was also unfinished, as Bacon promised several additions to its content which ultimately remained unprinted.

  4. Hoor Paar Kraat says :

    Greetings Ye Whom Reek of Vengeance,

    Get thee to a nunnery! I am an Adept of several Western Hermetic Traditions. The Fifth Way Mystery School is my home and to whom I have the most allegiance. My name is Michael Morgan. Come unto me, may ye be blessed. If you continue to disrespect our sacred Order, Gnow that Karma will be accelerated to you and yours.

    Thelema/Agape = Achad
    Sa Sekhem Sahu,
    Michael Morgan
    Frater C.’.A.’.
    FWMS, ATES, T.’.G.’.D.’., C.’.H.’.,T.’.H.’.G.’.

  5. Hoor Paar Kraat says :

    Order?…who said anything about an ‘Order’?…It’s a School.

  6. Hoor Paar Kraat says :

    otove: Of course I mentioned an Order. First you must come through the Outer Court. If you truly wish to find us, join the Yahoo! group FWMSdiscussion

    Lively discussion is encouraged but I must warn you to go easy in that forum should you choose to slander it without provocation.

    Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there, should you choose to accept this very rare invitation.

    Adept Officer FWMS, ATES,
    Frater C.’.A.’.
    Michael Morgan

    • otove says :

      Yes I gladly accept, and also apologise for a late reply, you can appreciate that time is sometimes better spent gaining experience and in my case a good dose of humility. Thanks again, Otove

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