Seasons of the Mind

Here’s a quote that struck me, and perhaps you, if you too are battling with with the balance of work and life. Already a Quarter turn of the year and the ‘Great work’ (or even the lesser work) seems for me just a pinprick of light across the gulf of Space . But please bear what S.G. Vasudev has to say in mind the next time you feel Matter over Mind.

Time, as it is measured in the flow of ideas, in the tides of the imagination, or in the seasons of the mind seems to be free from tyranny. At a cursory glance so little seems to have changed; yet much has. There has been the slow, undulating motion of Artistic growth.


2 responses to “Seasons of the Mind”

  1. janeadamsart says :

    Yes, this is good to remember, in the troughs before the waves – time as a whole.

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