How to Feel Rhythm and Harmony – Videos

Bold assertion? Well  read on.  having scoured YouTube for the following 3 videos, i have placed them side by side, to get across a particular feeling. You may feel a subtle Ariadnian thread connecting them. The first piece is  ‘This is Love’ by Bob Marley played on Mbira. Do you sense the underlying Yin – Yang poly-rhythm?

The Second, is a jaw dropping display of Yang virtuosity.  Rhythm like (or if not) DAO is hard to explain, but it is here for you too see, watch the interplay between the two Hang players,  (if impatient skip to about 3:30).

The final clip, Coventry Carol, is much more Yin, it has emphasis on Harmony.

I found the latter helpful in ‘retuning’, the first the soul, the second the body, the second the spirit.

Inayat Khan A famous Mystic, explains these life principles thus;

Nature demands, life demands a certain standard of understanding, of thinking, of living, and this can be learned by learning the tune and the rhythm – not only learning it, but putting oneself to that tune and setting oneself to that particular rhythm which make the music of life. It is in this manner that happiness is attained-that happiness which is the seeking of every soul-and it is in this manner that one will progress continually until one touches the divine Spirit, the Spirit that pervades all and is everywhere.

Rhythm teaches us that the whole of life is as music and in order to study life we must study it as music. It is not only study, it is also practice which makes man perfect.

Inayat Khan


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