The Great Duality

I Try to avoid clipping whole articles, but this one is really special!

There is a lot one can do with their two hands and an extensive binary inventory.

yin                           yang

female                     male

passive                    active

patient                     agent

magnetic                  electric

no                           yes

left                          right

low                         high

black                      white

curves                     angles

even                       odd

horizontal                vertical

cold                        hot

water                      fire

contraction              expansion

gravity                     levity

centripetal               centrifugal

saturn                      jupiter

moon                      sun

mercury                  sulphur

venus                      mars

devil                       god

serpent                   eagle

hell                         heaven…..

Hermetic law states that everything has its opposite – the law of polarity.

Nothing is entirely yin or entirely yang. These two are always in flux,

wrestling for dominion. They are also rarely in perfect balance. One is

dominant/excessive while the other is deficient.

In place of a pendulum, one may use their hands to divine.

Hold your right hand vertically, palm facing left.

Hold your left hand horizontally, palm facing down.

Hold the two hands in this manner one foot apart in front of your chest.

Establish rapport; you should be able to feel, in response to your query,

an emphasized warmth in the right hand for yang answers or coolness in

the left hand for yin answers. You can invent your own variations if you

are not fond of this one – one hand up and the other down, one hand closed

and the other open, etc. Whatever establishes good rapport/communication

between your conscious and subconscious.

With some ingenuity, there are endless applications for this. Anything can be

encrypted into binary code. Your hands can be your radionics device.

You may attract/invoke or repel/banish anything you desire.

Remember Crowley’s theorem 18: “He may attract to himself any force of the

Universe by making himself a fit receptacle for it, and arranging conditions so

that its nature compels it to flow toward him.”

That’s Feng Shui. It’s very rewarding to know your yin and yang in Nature and

in oneself, in everyday life.

via The Muse Letters: the great duality.


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    Thanks for the like! This post here seems to interleave with another one of mine. Best wishes.

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