“Learning without wisdom” Fable and Sura

“The example of those who were given the Torah, then failed to uphold it, is like the donkey carrying great works of literature”

Koran, Sura 62:5

Compare with this Fable, both seem to emphasize the ‘donkey’ as a beast of burden,  ;

A DONKEY and a mule, both well laden, were trudging along the road together. As long as the donkey travelled along the plain, he carried his load with ease. But when he began to walk upwards along the steep path of a mountain, his load became more than he could bear. Therefore he begged his companion to relieve him of a small portion, that he might carry home the rest. But the mule paid no attention to it. In a short while after that, the donkey fell down dead under his burden.

  Not knowing what else to do in so wild a region, the muleteer placed the donkey’s load on the mule in addition to his own. Finally, at the top of all he put the hide of the donkey after skinning him.

The mule, groaning beneath his heavy burden, said to himself:

“I brought it on myself. If I had been willing to help the donkey a little in his need, I should not now be bearing his burden and himself.”


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