Quality Not Quantity = One blog per week

High quality, polished and inspiring works, that’s what we want! What do we get? CICO! Heard of CICO? Crap-in Crap-out, we get feculent and with little inspiration, our work and motivation deteriorates.

Plato suggests we surround ourselves with good things, and in this way good is always there to inspire us. There is a definite sacrifice of quality for quantity in the man-made world. Ornate and well proportioned Georgian houses (UK) are replaced with LEGO flesh-pots. manicured lawns for gravel drives, even blogs.

Rather than bemoan our modern and somewhat myopic world view, we should change it.My formula is now BIBO, Better-in Better-out.

  1. Only listen to the Best (World class musicians, bird song)
  2. Only see the Best (Objective art, philosophy, poetry, Nature amidst the mire)
  3. Only think the Best (Naturally follows from Seeing and hearing the best )

‘Better in Better out’ hints at the dynamic heart of our practice(writing, painting, thinking), a cyclical refining process where by improving the raw ingredients in life, the work we produce improves, not only that but we our ourselves become, Good.


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57 responses to “Quality Not Quantity = One blog per week”

  1. Sunny Sodday says :

    Agree, watch the best, say the best and listen the best. Kudos!

  2. Alex Jones says :

    A good way as Luciferianblog put it is treat everything as like an artform. Always seek to improve and refine whatever activity you are involved in.

    Low quanity however does not always mean high quality, sometimes even low quantity is still crap, and sometimes something that is high quantity can be quality. It is a state of mind, an attitude, the outlook of an artist that is required.

    • otove says :

      Good point, It was somewhat of a revelation to realize that all we have to be mindful of in life is

      “How can I do this thing better?” or its obverse, “would an idiot do this thing?” haha

      thanks for the bridge 😉

  3. happinessisnotadisease says :

    I agree with most of your points, but how can we really listen, see, and think the BEST if we don’t know what is the worst to listen, see, and thought of? I think it’s a matter of filtration, like CIBO, Crap – in, but Better – out. Just saying. 😀

  4. Alex Jones says :

    My advice is to keep blog posts regular or you will lose all your readers.

  5. Sensual-Animist says :

    What, may I ask is “objective art”? Seems contradictory to me… maybe that’s because I don’t believe in objectivity:) Even saying “best” as in “only listen, see, think the best” is subjective. Follow Your Bliss.

  6. jessicawritesnow says :

    I’m learning to write and think from the best writers, so I think. Fernando Pessoa currently speaks to me through his words, yes, but in broader sense through a phenomenological discussion of my spiritual, physical, non-emotional, sensational at times, all “objects” of a plethora of discussion. His mind blows mine away. My poems are not very good on my blog. I wrote my thesis this spring, every now and then I postted a poem off the cuff. Thanks for noticing.

    • otove says :

      The learning curve appears to be getting steeper, but it is your sensibility and self cultivation undergoing refinement.Your poetry has Zest, keep at it!

  7. hcurci says :

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    • jessicawritesnow says :

      I agree sir, good polished inspired works. I majored in English– concentration in creative writing. I finished my thesis and did astonishingly well. The wisdom from every writer fuses into one general direction for me to follow. Write, write , write, every day. No matter if it’s crap or a New York’s best seller. The more I write, the more proficient I become. I write in a journal. I write when and where it pleases me. Your advice may be sound, I guess. It’s hard to swallow when I just finished school, and my life centered around my writing.

      • otove says :

        You are a skilled writer, you have graduated, now is the time to focus on that which inspires you the most! Find what makes you tick, convey that through your practice.

        And you are right, Quality comes through Quantity, but Quantity can also obscure our initial insight if we get carried away, rudderless.

      • jessicawritesnow says :

        I agree with this;I maintain a “picture” in words of the simplest image that captures it all. Also, the last piece I wrote the crudeness of the four main characters matched so well, a list a drawing, anything to help one stand out in comparison with another was imperative. The question: Which one is the craziest? So I also had questions; before I started to write, while I wrote,during the editing phase. So important–to answer these questions.

      • hcurci says :

        You are on her right track..my writing thing has always been “GREAT STORIES TEACH AND ALSO ENTERTAIN” I plan and keep re-writing till the above is met.

  8. hcurci says :

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  11. sherrylcook says :

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  19. Luang Por Roberto says :

    Shanti, shanti, shanti Luang por Roberto

  20. hcurci says :

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  21. Marsha J. O'Brien says :

    Absolutely right on. Great post. Thanks for stopping by “my place”.

  22. brettfish says :

    what about the subjectivity of ‘best’ as in ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ – what is ‘good in’ for you may be ‘best left alone’ for me and vice versa and if you only give space to those things you suspect may be the best you may miss out on the ugly duckling that becomes a swan or the beautiful diamond emerging from the ugly lump of coal and also be cut off from the the ‘least of these’ who are needing your best to be given to them…

    • otove says :

      Of course, you are correct, the ‘best’ is an absolute term, but there is a best for everyone, education for example, which aligns us with Truth (that which does not deviate), both serve as a pivot for leveraging our innate capabilities.

      Perhaps like the term God, as a principle, “Good” serves a useful purpose, like the journey to the moon, consider the level of inspiration that single journey created among humankind. We each need a principle, a moon landing to aim for, and that is what i was trying to get across in this post.

      Thanks for your comment, Otove

  23. Diane Tibert says :

    Best. It’s a word that means many different things to many different people. My best: John Denver singing int he background, pepperoni pizza and sitting around a campfire in torn jeans with my kids.

    • otove says :

      That is the beauty of the word, it is free of limiting connotations. There is a best for everything on earth, it just depends on what value you place on it.

      In this light, best originally meant ‘profitable’. A stone could be the best stone, if it contained gems.

  24. hcurci says :

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  25. Raw Alchemists says :

    The person who encouraged us to do this blog has got me doing thirty days, i guess it is like building on your success’s, and getting a nice brand new neural pathway that focusses on your successes is always a good thing. Nature does not like a vacuum when you are in the process of letting go of old things.
    I like the quality not quantity, and i can see for our life a minimum of three blogs a week will be good, as we are always in the kitchen and a lot of our work is about the new things inspired. But what i am going to take from this is to do short and sweet posts and always one good fortified one with all the nuggets.
    Read this just now so i guess i will share with you:
    “The design of the mysteries is to lead us back to the perfection from which, as a principle, we first made our descent.” That was a little of what i read this morning on a chapter toward freedom. I am now embracing benevolence. x Have a great day.

    • otove says :

      Wow, thank you for your thoughtful comment, that’s a great quote to, where did you find it, if you don’t mind me asking.

      Thanks again , Otove

  26. Md. Alsanda says :

    Hi, thanks for stopping by )

  27. Al McDermid says :

    Thanks for the excellent advice, i.e. regular posts and BIBO (I really love this one).

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