Word to the wise

I say unto you that this Mountain is within and that it is found at our own centre. It is a place of many treasures, which the world does not value, because they do not bear its marks or exhibit material worth. It is said to be  encompassed by cruel beasts and ravening birds, which are the evil passions and false desires that are within us. They are the lawless part of our nature in all the ways of our life, the spirit of the world within us which strives with the Spirit of God. But on the brink, as it may be, of formless swamps of being, in death and the shadow of death, we have remembered the promise of Life – of Life for ever more and ever more of Life.


9 responses to “Word to the wise”

  1. restinginawareness.com says :

    Powerful imagery. Where is this from?

  2. A Rebelling Eve says :

    Is this a quote or your own?

  3. otove says :

    “Powerful imagery. Where is this from?”
    A transcript from a conventicle- otove

  4. docrob50 says :

    gotta love your food pun! and thanks for visiting my site

  5. anda says :

    Your wurste is the best! Made me laugh.

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