Final Words

When the night is very dark within, then in a great silence the quest begins for the Mountain.  It is reached at midnight, the middle night of the soul, when all the passions are stilled and all the images of sense are obscured. But there is an unknown desire that wells up from these depths and in those that know the Seeker makes to call from his heart on God, a voice upraised in the very deep of the soul; for now the end is nigh. The Lion and the dragon, the eager birds of prey shall fly before that which is our Guard as the perpetual light shines forth.

There is a great and single risk in this venture, be warned



7 responses to “Final Words”

  1. momentswithmillie says :

    Did you ever read Thomas Moore’s Dark Nights of the Soul? Amazing book! This reminded me of it.

  2. Alex Jones says :

    The Hero With a Thousand Faces is worth reading by Joseph Campbell. That blog reminded me of it.

  3. Alberto Ravell says :

    Hi, just wanted to tell you, I liked this post. It was inspiring.
    Keep on posting!

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