Esoteric lessons hoard revealed.

Books books books! Every once in a while, someone’s silent labour is uncovered, as though a rejected cornerstone had been unearthed for all to see. In this case it is esoteric knowledge, compiled, distilled and ordered for a few initiates, and  briefly for us all.

The first of these is: Bookult (currently Down on 23rd of June – a replacement  has been posted ) 23hich has roughly 500 esoteric ebooks and what are known as ‘Libers’ free to view, download and enjoy. Compilations like these are rare, and may take many years to assemble. Unfortunately they regularly vanish along with the servers hosting them.

Among Bookults gems are The Martinist initiation courses, Franz Bardons initiation into Hermetics and perhaps most difficult to come by Jean Dubuis Alchemical Correspondence courses. Utterly invaluable.

Arcane Advisor is another great place to go, with more classified documents (AMORC’s Neophyte, zelator, ipsissimus Lectures) here than any other site I know. So if you have a Kindle and a bit of spare time you can find more Hidden secrets in a few days than perhaps a whole lifetime of hap hazardly perusing amazon or the local Water-stones.




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15 responses to “Esoteric lessons hoard revealed.”

  1. abraxa8 says :

    Reblogged this on supersede and commented:
    Many thanks to Otove for these links!

  2. Maugis says :

    Thx for sharing

  3. Maugis says :

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    Saves me from cramming it into the right side-bar. Thanks Otove for sharing this.

  4. jessicawritesnow says :

    Hi, I’m aware what alchemy for the body means…and “for the soul” to a certain extent. I’m seriously not being an ass here–what do the texts above offer me (if I read them) in my daily walk on my lifetime cobble stone path? Just trying to find out about there significance to history…Crowly I’m not a fan of but I walk on with an open mind. Thanks.

    • otove says :

      The worlds Mystery traditions, have much the same ends in mind; study the parallels between say Alchemy, Zen, Grimm’s Fairy tales or Christianity, these ends will become apparent to you. What is the highest possible attainment you can imagine? What could transmute a person into a god?

      • jessicawritesnow says :

        Transmute? What do you mean? Do you mean the individual transcends and mutates into a god of their understanding. So it’s a sensory and visual act?

      • jessicawritesnow says :

        Do you mean transcend and mutate so to rise above and adapt the god’s nature that’s worshiped. So it’s a sensory rising and a physical blending of your conception of God?

  5. otove says :

    A God, proportional to their understanding, yes.

    Their is a patient state (of mind) where every truth we have coagulates (associates) with the one nearest it, and like drops on a window, begin to gather and grow, when ripe they stream down, from Heaven to Earth.

    It is in the cold of the morning one can collect this dew, before the sun rises, driving it all away.

    Hope this helps, Otove

  6. Dane Mutters says :

    That’s some very interesting reading; thanks for posting it.

  7. Jason Wingate says :

    Many thanks for these, they will go in my links section too.

    • otove says :

      More to follow, will keep you posted 🙂

    • Dane Mutters says :

      I took the liberty of doing a recursive download on that site…and am rather surprised to learn that the total download was well over 6GB! Still, I’m a bit of an information hoarder, and having ALL the books to reference, should I get the itch is better than having to hope that the site is still up when I want something.

      For those who wish to do the same:

      On Linux (where I did the download): wget -c
      This will save the files to the current directory. Also, you can cancel the command and do it again (in the same place) to continue the download.

      Windows: I recommend using HTTrack. It takes a little bit of fiddling, but it works for any web site, and should work just find for this, too. WinSCP or FileZilla might be easier for some people, and will probably also work. All these are free programs.

      What little I’ve browsed so far seems very historically significant, in terms of esoteric/non-sanctioned beliefs of the middle ages (and probably other times; I just haven’t read that yet). I don’t know if any of it’s worth believing (that is, as more than a historical reference), yet, but it’s definitely interesting, in any case.

      Thanks again.

      • otove says :

        Great advice, I was wondering how to download them without clicking every single link, thanks for posting


  8. otove says :

    ” I don’t know if any of it’s worth believing (that is, as more than a historical reference), yet, but it’s definitely interesting, in any case”

    …But that the secret might not be lost, but rather continued and preserved to posterity they expounded it most faithfully, both in their writings and in oral teaching to their faithful disciples, for the benefit of posterity; nevertheless, they so clothed and concealed the truth in allegorical language that even now only very few are able to understand their instruction and turn it to practical account.

    Anonymous Adept.

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