Most Meaningful Passages – The Corpus Hermetica!

This new section of my Blog, features the most meaningful passages of major works of literature, including Western fiction, Occult and Spiritual classics. This week the most highlighted sections in The Corpus Hermetica.

  1. That Light, He said, am I, thy God, Mind, prior to Moist Nature which appeared from Darkness; the Light-Word (Logos) [that appeared] from Mind is Son of God.
  2. Know that what sees in thee and hears is the Lord’s Word (Logos); but Mind is Father-God. Not separate are they the one from other; just in their union [rather] is it Life consists.
  3. Thou didst behold in Mind the Archetypal Form whose being is before beginning without end.
  4. But All-Father Mind, being Life and Light, did bring forth Man co-equal to Himself,
  5. In very truth, God fell in love with his own Form; and on him did bestow all of His own formations.
  6. It is because the gloomy Darkness is the root and base of the material frame; from it came the Moist Nature; from this the body in the sense-world was composed; and from this [body] Death doth the Water drain.
  7. Ye earth-born folk, why have ye given yourselves up to Death, while yet ye have the power of sharing Deathlessness? Repent, O ye, who walk with Error arm in arm and make of Ignorance the sharer of your board; get ye out from the light of Darkness, and take your part in Deathlessness, forsake Destruction!
  8. The motion, therefore, of the cosmos (and of every other hylic (i.e., material) animal) will not be caused by things exteriorto the cosmos, but by things interior [outward] to the exterior – such [things] as soul, or spirit, or some such other thing incorporeal.

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