Gods Necklace – Symbolism

Many passages In the Old Testament speak of the Messiah, his coming and the circumstances surrounding his coming. The messianic prophecy is one of the elements we should consider the most in all the Scriptures.

If we imagine a pearl necklace whose string breaks and the pearls fall and scatter In all directions, then we will have an idea of the Fall, because now we no longer have a necklace; we must now look for   ‘the pearls.’

Most of the pearls will be lost in some dark place, under some furniture and it will take time before they’re recovered even if we look for them persistently. Others will be easily found because they would not have strayed far from the point   of   the   fall   or    from    the    eyesight    of    the    owner    of   the necklace.     Each   pearl carries within itself its own destiny.   Just as preexisting souls carry theirs within themselves.

When the owner of the pearls gathers them, he will string them anew with a new string just as they were prior to the break. When this has been done he can once again speak of “the necklace” instead of “the pearls.”

If they are any pearls missing, it would be due to the imperfection of the means utilized for the search, or the negligence of the searcher* But if our owner is a perfect being, if he has all the necessary means to search for his pearls, and if he has the time required and is without Impatience, he would gather all of them.

Let us replace “pearls” by “souls”, “necklace” by “Total Man” and the “owner” by “God”, then the problem of final restitution are resolved, and the Apo catastasis is justified.

Anonymous Martinist author.


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10 responses to “Gods Necklace – Symbolism”

  1. 0penwide says :

    As an Atheist I don’t care to much for your blog but thank you for liking my post.

  2. Jester Who-ver says :

    I’m not following where the Messianic prophecies come in to this. I like the apocatastasis idea; though, I wonder why theologians place these kinds of things after death. Who’s to say that this life isn’t the hell with which we’re purified? Adding the theory of reincarnation allows this time on earth to go on and on until one learns what they need to reach the bliss which is attributed to heaven, or to return to the source, or whatever one calls it. What do you think?

    • otove says :

      The Idea of Reincarnation maybe a thought experiment, if you are living a fulfilling and meaningful life, you would want to live forever, if your life is being squandered, Reincarnation would seem like Hell. No?

      • Jester Who-ver says :

        Exactly, that’s the point. A semi-eternity of hell for the purpose of separating the good from the evil in a soul. The more one holds to the evil, the more lives they must live in a manner suitable for them to learn their error. Very similar to St. Gregory’s doctrine of apocatastasis, except it’s done through lessons in life rather than punishment by fire in death.

        As far as wanting to live forever, well, that seems egotistical to me, and thus still impure if you want to live forever when things are going good, but not when they’re going bad. After all, if it’s God’s will we are to return to, our desires should play no part in our wishes if we are to truthfully relinquish our free will for the sake of the purity of our Creator’s intentions for us. Your thoughts?

  3. otove says :

    From what I gather J, the many stories, allegories and symbols we find in mystical traditions, are there to offer way points for our inner progress. As we ‘brave the elements’.

    The Chequer Board shows us that if we are standing on a black square(in life, all around us will seem white, and vice versa.

    Eternal life? Here is perhaps the most useful symbol/explanation I have found;

    ‘Using the analogy of the horse drawn carriage and its driver, we say the driver is the Self; the carriage is the physical body; and the horse corresponds to the soul. If the carriage breaks down, the driver can mount the horse and ride on. That is what occurs at death. The rider travels on until the horse becomes old weary, and worn out. If the driver has not reached his destination he must obtain a new horse and carriage.’

    Eternal life can be lived in an instant, to quote William Blake,

    ‘Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour’

    Enjoying the discussion,


  4. Alex Jones says :

    Everything is a work of art, a lump of marble from which the so-called pearls emerge through the carving over time. The art is the doing of creating that art, and death is when the art form is complete.

  5. viphealthyleadership says :

    “The twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.”
    Revelations 21:21
    Someone told me about pearls, that they are the only precious stones formed out of a living being. And come from extreme irritation of that being. i see this that the gates to the City of God, are made in honor of the trials and tribulations that God’s people go through…these form an opening into heaven for all. Now about the pearl necklace…this is as profound. That the things we go through for our love for God, are put together and adorned in pride, where they were to bring us shame and ultimately, our downfall. I love your post!!!

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