Cool, a Liebster Award!

Anne Novek very kindly nominated this site for a versatile blogger award on Tuesday, which got me thinking – what a great idea for inspiring community spirit. Some people brush these awards off as ‘Round Robbins’, but think to the little gold stars we got at school (or didn’t in my case ha!), and how they encouraged us to keep trying, trying and trying, how brilliantly inventive!

Well, checking the little orange box at the top ^ (which now, annoyingly, doesn’t show a message count) to my surprise, Tinmaddog generously nominated this Blog for the ‘Liebster Award’. Must be doing something right!

Ok so here goes, I have reciprocally nominated the following 5 great Blogs.

  1. Zen Masonry
  2. Arcane Arrangements
  3. antonjarrod
  4. littlematter
  5. momentswithmillie

So if you are interested and wish to participate, check this:

The nomination requirements are as follows:

1) link back to the blogger who nominated you (Tinmaddog @
2) nominate five blogs with fewer than 200 followers (well hard to tell!)
3) let nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites
4) add the award image to your site (at the top of this page)


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9 responses to “Cool, a Liebster Award!”

  1. momentswithmillie says :

    Thank you for the nomination. I feel very honored.

  2. amoonfull says :

    YAY! Congratulations 🙂

  3. petrel41 says :


  4. Maria A. Hernandez says :

    Thanks for liking my post!!! 🙂

  5. Alex Jones says :

    Well deserved, the quality of your blogs just keeps going up.

  6. jessicawritesnow says :

    To a blog that keeps on giving, a toast! Thank you for enlightening my path octove.

  7. J. E. Lattimer says :

    Thanks for the nomination!

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