100+ Thelemic Libers

Well if your’e into Thelema (Aleister Crowley et al) you’re going to love this!  Virtually every one of  OTO’s 100+ course books. 

If you want to have a browse, i’ve selected some of my favourites for you below:

  1. LIBR451.txt Liber Siloam Of Eroto-comatose Lucidity (pdf version)  OTO trying to block this one
  2. LIBR071.txt The Voice of the Silence (pdf version)
  3. LIBR067.txt The Sword of the Song  (pdf version)
  4. LIBR850.txt The Rites of ELEUSIS (pdf version)

If you find the links are broken please let me know.


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4 responses to “100+ Thelemic Libers”

  1. Alex Jones says :

    You spoil us!

  2. The 13th Temple says :

    Great site. I’m following.

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