Metaphors of Light

It is said that Self is Light, Light Is Mind and Mind Is Essense, Einstein said:

For the rest of my life I will reflect on what light is.

It would seem that Einstein was influenced by The Secret of the Golden Flower, a Taoist text popularized by Carl Jung.  The reflection on/of light, or polishing the mirror so as to glimpse at the true reality reflecting back at us, could be said to be the most powerful way of experiencing divine reality.  How apt then that the greatest Scientific Mind of the 20th century found sublime truth reflecting on the nature of Light. Here are some more metaphors for mind, to reflect upon.

“When first to Think your active Mind essay’d,
And young Ideas in your Fancy play’d,
While dawning Reason’s unexperienc’d Ray
Drew a faint Scetch of Intellectual Day,
Your Parents, who the Laws of Heav’n revere,
And make Immortal Bliss their pious Care,
Assiduous strove by mild Instructive Light
To form your pliant Infancy aright.
Knowledge Divine they by degrees bestow’d,
And with blest Seed your Heart industrious sow’d,
Whence verdant Issues soon began to shoot;
A Bloom ensu’d, that promis’d generous Fruit.
Drawn by their Pray’r, from Heav’n descending Dews
Cheer the fair Plant, and Heat Divine infuse:
While watchful they destroy’d the springing Weeds,
Baneful to Virtue, which our Bosom breeds,
Nature’s spontaneous Growth, that no Assistant needs.

— Blackmore, Sir Richard (1654-1729)

Melancholy’s “transient Forms like Shadows pass, / Frail Offspring of the magic Glass, / Before the mental Eye.”

— Carter, Elizabeth (1717-1806)

But beyond / This energy of truth, whose dictates bind / Assenting reason, the benignant sire, / To deck the honour’d paths of just and good, / Has added bright imagination’s rays.”

— Akenside, Mark (1720-1771)#

“Her teeming Thoughts with bright Conceptions glow, / Ideas crowd, and Lines spontaneous flow.”

— Keate, George (1729-1797)

Quotes abstracted From here


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