The Body as the First Foundation of Awareness – George Draffan

Why cultivate awareness of the body?

Suffering comes from habitual reactive patterns. Meditation is often regarded as mental training, but our habit-patterns are also held in our body’s muscles, nervous systems, and biochemistry.

In numerous teachings the Buddha pointed to the body as the first and essential foundation of awareness.

This evening program will offer several practices for exploring body awareness in stillness and in movement.

Moving in awareness allows us to ground, balance, and enliven the body, heart, and mind.

Sitting in awareness allows our inherent knowing and abilities to emerge.

Both practices integrate awareness, breath, and body. Daily practice releases stress and tension, improves balance, increases oxygen flow to body and brain, supports physical and mental health, and uncontrived clarity.

These non-sectarian practices are suitable for beginning and experienced practitioners from any tradition.

The aim is to integrate body, emotions, mind, and activity.

George Draffan is a Seattle-based practitioner and teacher of Buddhist meditation and Taoist energy practices..


2 responses to “The Body as the First Foundation of Awareness – George Draffan”

  1. Jason Wingate says :

    Very true. Meditation is also movement if you work with breath. There are lots of good things out there now. We in the West always had a problem with this due to the influence of Platonism and Christianity.

    • otove says :

      Purified bodily consciousness plays a big Alchemy, from what I know, it is it’s very foundation.

      You make a good point, It is difficult to reconcile our Greek lineage with Eastern teachings, even between eastern and western Alchemy.


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