Breath With Others – Universal Breathing Room

One billion people will breathe together synchronously by November 11,2012.

For a moment, think of what will happen when one billion people breathe in and out in perfect unison, creating one universal breath flow. The impact this will have on humanity is yet to be experienced We invite you to be one of the billion. Join others with online guided breathing, you can choose various types of meditative styles and different intentions.

Universal Breathing Room

Reasons to Breath:

Here are a few things you will experience when you join us:

  • Awaken the most powerful anti-oxidant you own and detox using breathing
  • Alkalinize the body and remove acidic patterns that can cause dis-ease
  • Empower the natural healing abilities that lie within conscious breathing
  • Heighten your knowledge of breathing as the ancient yogis did
  • Learn to love yourself by resting into your Self
  • Create mindfulness for use in parenting, partnering and decision making
  • Enliven your existing meditation and/or yoga practice
  • Learn a technique used by Olympic athletes & World-Class Record holders
  • Learn the peace-making tool that will unite one billion people this year
  • Learn exercises that reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety
  • Cultivate joy and connect with peace instantly from within your being


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7 responses to “Breath With Others – Universal Breathing Room”

  1. Alex Jones says :

    There is a technique to breathing that boosts health.

  2. Thomas Ross says :

    This is an amazing initiative. Just sent your post to all my Twitter followers. Tom

  3. chelbijohnson96 says :

    This is awesome! You have an incredible blog; I love it!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. ivonne says :

    I share it in spanish….. ❤

    Razones para la respiración:

    Aquí hay algunas cosas que usted va a experimentar cuando te unas a nosotros:

    1. Despierta el más poderoso anti-oxidante y desintoxicante que posees usando tu respiración
    2. Alcaliniza el cuerpo y elimina los patrones de ácidos que pueden causar enfermedades.
    3. Potencializa las capacidades curativas naturales que se encuentran dentro de la respiración consciente
    4. Aumenta tu conocimiento de la respiración como los antiguos yoguis hicieron.
    5. Aprende a amarte a ti mismo descansando en ti mismo.
    6. Crea la atención para su uso en la crianza, las asociaciones y la toma de decisiones
    7. Anima la meditación existente y / o la práctica del yoga
    8. Aprenda una técnica utilizada por los atletas olímpicos y de Clase Mundial titulares de records
    9. Conozca la herramienta de construcción de la paz que unirá a mil millones de personas este año
    10. Aprenda a hacer ejercicios para reducir y eliminar el estrés y la ansiedad
    11. Cultiva la alegría y conectarse con la paz al instante desde dentro de su ser

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