The 7 States and Stations of the soul

The 7 alchemical metals of the west, as challenging to interpret as they are, do have equivalants in exoteric litterature. Sufi writings render such mystical  states; maqam and Stations; hal.

In his book (Essence: With The Elixir of Enlightenment) A. H. Almaas points to the important distinction to be made between the volatile and the fixed elements.

A state is contrasted with a station (maqam) when the essential aspect is made one’s own, when it is attained by one’s own efforts and established permanently by such efforts. That an essential aspect has become a station does not mean it is always present. This condition exists after it is just established, but as other aspects emerge they will displace it. In this case, a station means that the aspect is permanently available; it is present whenever the situation requires it. (Essence, pg 156)

So whilst it is possible to expreience higher states with little preparation, (or even by moving between our accidental and default states) these states are not part of us, and are easily lost.

Having said that, merely witnessing these states is often enough to bolster our faith and hope in the existence of a Noumenal world. And at this point, on the mystical come down, the need to find a person of higher status than ones self; the spiritual kings and queens of the world, is our only real shot at lasting success. Such a Soul-Smith can guide the seeker from his Leaden state into the crucible, and there watch, kindle and adjust his furnace from a safe and impartial position.

The Seven States and stations are said to be:

  • Discrimination and Divinity – ‘Gold’ (bright both outside and in and properly fixed)
  • Self and the Imagination  ‘Silver’ (bright both outside and in, but wanting fixity)
  • Flesh and the Senses  ‘Lead’ (bright on the inside, dark on the outside) (the Heart attached to the creation)

The other base metals, tin, iron, copper, mercury etc are variations on the above and the tripartite division of the soul is actually reflected in these 3 metals alone.

This brief article I hope explains a concept that has eluded my understanding for many years, any refinement  offered will be gladly accepted.

And as one cannot hope to experience these states by reading alone, it is possible to get some flavour to anticipate them after the nescasary preparation.


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4 responses to “The 7 States and Stations of the soul”

  1. Kathara says :

    Helium, hydrogen and lithium.

  2. janeadamsart says :

    Perhaps she means the action of the sun. Yes: it takes work-experience! … for the gold to stabilize.

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