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Why We Need a New World Order


We need a NWO, desperately! And if the march of progress proves anything, it is that we are better off than our parents, and our children will be better off than us. This brief post is a compilation of ideas and thoughts to counterbalance NWO DOOM.

First a snippet from the Journal of Law and Politics which suggests,

the need to create a new world financial order in the light of the current financial crisis is premised on a variety of reasons which include political harmony, political dignity, flexibility, re-enforcement, diversification, etc. 

Whilst the JLP engages the financial side of the NWO, it is money that, “makes the world go round”. Now to the juicy part – how will  the evil elite will wrap their tentacles around our women and children? Conspirators have suggested:

Ok so why would anyone want to look through your bedroom window, browse through your emails or control what you think? Lawlessness is the natural state of a system in decay, when the all seeing eye sees through a glass darkly, other measures  must be taken to ensure societal self control, surveillance = mass mindfulness.

Individuals have to work tirelessly to control their own behavior, schools give us a head-start, showing us how to grab the reigns of the selfish tyrant that kept us safe in the Old World.

TV and ‘the media’ keep us fashionable (as in malleable) and informed (the opposite of fashionable) unifying behavior and thought at a grass roots level, and far from enslaving us, empower us as agents prepared for change, exlplaining complicated events and discoveries in understandable terms.

Globalization – wheres the good in that? Well mass migration keeps ideas, memes and genes fresh, and hence individuals in the future will be stronger, healthier, less inclined to disease and perhaps happier than ever before.

Occultism – this always gets me; a system of knowledge hidden from the profane that the elite can control us with… Having been involved with the Occult for many years and having access to many papers and documents which are occult in nature, it makes me laugh to think that their is evil behind it. For brevities sake I would some up “the Occult” as ‘a system of self control for the greater benefit of all’. Acute knowledge of natural laws comes through the twinned efforts of self sacrifice and self cultivation, that this could be used for evil is obvious – a sharp sword cuts better than a blunt one.

There are always two sides to every story, i hope this finds its way to those frightened and disenfranchised individuals that assume unification is evil and chaos is better than order.

Oh and population control? 🙂