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The Signatures of Nature and Change

Nature expresses it’self in the behaviours of Flora and Fauna, if we watch and wait, interesting patterns begin to emerge.  I wish to share with you my (small) study of Nature.

I began to notice that certain flowers are seen in the same environments. And after pondering over this for some time, I decided to take this curiosity further and after collecting lots of Wildflower data, and observing Natures display of signs and symbols, I came to this conclusion;

Flowers tell us the state, balance and underlying character of the soil, and hence the landscape they spring from. By studying wildflowers, the types that grow, their qualities and general mix in the landscape, one can tell as much about the soil as by chemical analysis.

Animals are able to read the landscape by eye , they know not to eat poisonous plants instinctually. What if there were other cues we could learn, a certain knowledge that Nature is expressing that we could understand if we had the eyes to see?

The following is a break down of my study, if readers disagree then please offer your ideas.

Blue flowers indicate: Moist soil

Yellow Flowers indicate : Cultivated / Heavily Tilled Soil/ Clay Soil/Low Fertility/ Full sun

Pink Flowers indicate: Uncultivated Soil and/or High Potassium content/High Fertility

Green Flowers indicate: Shade/ Non Annual

White flowers Indicate Alkaline Soil

Perennials indicateMoist soil / Low Nitrogen/

Neutral soil indicates full sun exposure. And full sun exposure generally indicates Moisture loving plants.

So, in short, the colours of flowers tell us something about the earth below them, and because plants are the first link in the chain of life , Flowers indicate the very health and fertility of all life.