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Metaphors of Light

It is said that Self is Light, Light Is Mind and Mind Is Essense, Einstein said:

For the rest of my life I will reflect on what light is.

It would seem that Einstein was influenced by The Secret of the Golden Flower, a Taoist text popularized by Carl Jung.  The reflection on/of light, or polishing the mirror so as to glimpse at the true reality reflecting back at us, could be said to be the most powerful way of experiencing divine reality.  How apt then that the greatest Scientific Mind of the 20th century found sublime truth reflecting on the nature of Light. Here are some more metaphors for mind, to reflect upon.

“When first to Think your active Mind essay’d,
And young Ideas in your Fancy play’d,
While dawning Reason’s unexperienc’d Ray
Drew a faint Scetch of Intellectual Day,
Your Parents, who the Laws of Heav’n revere,
And make Immortal Bliss their pious Care,
Assiduous strove by mild Instructive Light
To form your pliant Infancy aright.
Knowledge Divine they by degrees bestow’d,
And with blest Seed your Heart industrious sow’d,
Whence verdant Issues soon began to shoot;
A Bloom ensu’d, that promis’d generous Fruit.
Drawn by their Pray’r, from Heav’n descending Dews
Cheer the fair Plant, and Heat Divine infuse:
While watchful they destroy’d the springing Weeds,
Baneful to Virtue, which our Bosom breeds,
Nature’s spontaneous Growth, that no Assistant needs.

— Blackmore, Sir Richard (1654-1729)

Melancholy’s “transient Forms like Shadows pass, / Frail Offspring of the magic Glass, / Before the mental Eye.”

— Carter, Elizabeth (1717-1806)

But beyond / This energy of truth, whose dictates bind / Assenting reason, the benignant sire, / To deck the honour’d paths of just and good, / Has added bright imagination’s rays.”

— Akenside, Mark (1720-1771)#

“Her teeming Thoughts with bright Conceptions glow, / Ideas crowd, and Lines spontaneous flow.”

— Keate, George (1729-1797)

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100+ Thelemic Libers

Well if your’e into Thelema (Aleister Crowley et al) you’re going to love this!  Virtually every one of  OTO’s 100+ course books. 

If you want to have a browse, i’ve selected some of my favourites for you below:

  1. LIBR451.txt Liber Siloam Of Eroto-comatose Lucidity (pdf version)  OTO trying to block this one
  2. LIBR071.txt The Voice of the Silence (pdf version)
  3. LIBR067.txt The Sword of the Song  (pdf version)
  4. LIBR850.txt The Rites of ELEUSIS (pdf version)

If you find the links are broken please let me know.

The Signatures of Nature and Change

Nature expresses it’self in the behaviours of Flora and Fauna, if we watch and wait, interesting patterns begin to emerge.  I wish to share with you my (small) study of Nature.

I began to notice that certain flowers are seen in the same environments. And after pondering over this for some time, I decided to take this curiosity further and after collecting lots of Wildflower data, and observing Natures display of signs and symbols, I came to this conclusion;

Flowers tell us the state, balance and underlying character of the soil, and hence the landscape they spring from. By studying wildflowers, the types that grow, their qualities and general mix in the landscape, one can tell as much about the soil as by chemical analysis.

Animals are able to read the landscape by eye , they know not to eat poisonous plants instinctually. What if there were other cues we could learn, a certain knowledge that Nature is expressing that we could understand if we had the eyes to see?

The following is a break down of my study, if readers disagree then please offer your ideas.

Blue flowers indicate: Moist soil

Yellow Flowers indicate : Cultivated / Heavily Tilled Soil/ Clay Soil/Low Fertility/ Full sun

Pink Flowers indicate: Uncultivated Soil and/or High Potassium content/High Fertility

Green Flowers indicate: Shade/ Non Annual

White flowers Indicate Alkaline Soil

Perennials indicateMoist soil / Low Nitrogen/

Neutral soil indicates full sun exposure. And full sun exposure generally indicates Moisture loving plants.

So, in short, the colours of flowers tell us something about the earth below them, and because plants are the first link in the chain of life , Flowers indicate the very health and fertility of all life.

Ancient Math Secret (Vedic Mathematics)

Vedic Mathematics allows even children to solve immense multi digit equations in seconds. Their are vedas (patterns) that can allow you to solve algebra, long-division and calculi using simple pattern recognition.

Here is one example.

‘Raeding’ Nature

Heard of Tom Brown, one of the most revered naturalists in America? His tracking skills and his spiritual philosophy offer us a rare insight into the habits of the natural world, but he is often overlooked by others as a new age loon.

In perhaps his most famous book, The Tracker, Tom introduces the concept of, ‘Concentric Rings’—->

…the first thing when learning concentric rings is to establish the base rhythm of the symphony [Environment/Forest]. Once the symphony is established, any disturbance in the flow becomes a concentric ring. Whether the symphony or disturbance becomes more dramatically loud or whether it becomes quieter, it is a concentric ring. Any change at all means something.

Tom Brown later explains the value of this systematic but silent appraisal of an environment. And with regards to Alchemy the CR concept has a great deal of practical merit. He offers a bridge between  the spiritual world and the real world, this is where most mystical literature falls short —->

A good way to practice is to learn to establish the symphony. Any time a fluctuation occurs, go quietly over to see what has made the disturbance and how far out the disturbances or concentric rings can be detected. Try to stalk so that you do not create a concentric ring that interferes with that which is going on at the moment. The more you practice, and it will be frustrating at first, the more will be the rewards of being able to read what is going on at greater and greater distances.

From The Tracker, 1984, published by the Tracker School

It was once said that a good Apache scout could read the concentric rings of one, ‘white man’ eight miles away.

In the big city, these rules are utterly real! With a suitably detached mindset, one can watch the Aristotelian Causal network in full flow. There is usually something, “keeping time”, perhaps a builders hammer, which dictates when the next event will occur, the real skill comes with noticing the flow and transference of meaning between Egregores, something that could be likened to Mercury, Qi or Tao.

Quality Not Quantity = One blog per week

High quality, polished and inspiring works, that’s what we want! What do we get? CICO! Heard of CICO? Crap-in Crap-out, we get feculent and with little inspiration, our work and motivation deteriorates.

Plato suggests we surround ourselves with good things, and in this way good is always there to inspire us. There is a definite sacrifice of quality for quantity in the man-made world. Ornate and well proportioned Georgian houses (UK) are replaced with LEGO flesh-pots. manicured lawns for gravel drives, even blogs.

Rather than bemoan our modern and somewhat myopic world view, we should change it.My formula is now BIBO, Better-in Better-out.

  1. Only listen to the Best (World class musicians, bird song)
  2. Only see the Best (Objective art, philosophy, poetry, Nature amidst the mire)
  3. Only think the Best (Naturally follows from Seeing and hearing the best )

‘Better in Better out’ hints at the dynamic heart of our practice(writing, painting, thinking), a cyclical refining process where by improving the raw ingredients in life, the work we produce improves, not only that but we our ourselves become, Good.